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Daniel Paulo is a painter and musician based in the North of England

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FLOW (2024-)

Paintings 2021-22

Landscapes 2014

Small Works 2008

Small Works 1
April-May 2006

Small Works 2
April - May 2006


Strange Angels 1

Dec 2004-May 2006


Strange Angels 2
Jan 2005 - Mar 2006

Strange Angels 3
Aug 2005 - Jan 2006

Golden Age II
Sep-Dec 2004

A Golden Age
May-Sep 2004

Abstract Figure4
early 2004

Puerto Rican Works
early 2004

Small Works
mid 2003

Abstract Figure3
late 2002

i am hid


Abstract Figure 2


Abstract Figure1



These galleries are of landscape inspired works:

Swinner Gill 2001 The
Ingleborough Series

Amid Greenness



Artist's Statement

Art is a search, a search for something indefinable and inconstant. Yet the search always remains, there can never be an end to the questing, for the answers are always like half-glimpses, like the sighting of an angel, which can only be seen out of the furthest corner of the eye, if it is even there at all. And yet, something tangible does result; these are the paintings, results of the search, but never the end of it.

There are many things that are timeless and always relevant, such as the human figure and it's place in the universe, the human soul and spirit - things invisible and underneath which put into perspective our ant-like existence; these things are important.

Go away trivial, humdrum, menial and stale. Come here bright, profound, substantial and glowing, for your wings are endless, your possibilities infinite; why consider anything less?

The works are mostly painted in acrylic on canvas.  Sources include: mummies, classical and gothic statues, aztec figures, religious imagery, egyptian figures and architecture, byzantine art, stained glass. 

Influential artists include Rothko, Van Gogh, Munch and Friedrich.

Work is toured a number of Cathedrals across the UK from 2006-8 including Bradford, Carlisle, Lincoln and York.



About Daniel Paulo's work by the Very Rev Keith Jones, Dean of York
Daniel Paulo’s exhibition of angelic forms in the Chapter House of York Minster was a fascinating match with its site.  The first impression is of figures against a background;  but closer inspection shows that the angels rather emerge through the background colour and texture.  We do not know (do not need to know) whether they are appearing or disappearing.   In a setting like this, where light is filtered through so much glass, the sense of transcendence and richness is revealed over and over again.  You keep looking at them, and they yield more and more.

About Daniel Paulo's work by Viola Jones, Mrs. Dean of York
As a member of the Minster Exhibitions Committee I was delighted to help select Daniel’s work for showing over Lent and Easter.

As an art historian, I have appreciated  Daniel’s connections with imagery of the past.  There are strong echoes, in the dignity and distance of  his elongated figures, of the great mosaics of Ravenna or Daphni.  At the same time, his jewelled colours, along with his use of broken outlines, give his figures a tantalising sense of movement, and interplay with light, that is reminiscent of stained glass, and forms a particularly happy correspondence with the setting of York Minster.  

Daniel has assimilated these and other influences and made something entirely his own;  timeless, yet shifting, and expressive of our own fragile moment now.



About Daniel Paulo's work by David Stone:

Daniel Paulo's abstractions are bold, confident paintings, built up around themes of expressive gestures and unidentifiable shapes.  They tend to have a vertical dynamic and presented in a portrait format; a method that traditionally encourages us to look for the human subject in amongst the deluge of amorphous forms.  Armed with this insight the mixture of shapes begins to take on a loose cohesion.  Figures can be deciphered as refracted motifs or distorted effigies, often seated in an armchair-like frame, suspended before a background of rough and oppressive colour.

The real interest in Paulo's work is the processes he applies to his subject matter.  What starts as an engagement with a figurative form ends with a subversive palimpsest of forceful weighty colour.  The subject is broken down into component parts, twisted and inverted beyond recognition, then reconfigured into obscure creations.  These are compelling and haunting images, with a depth that draws the viewer through the intense convoluted maze of lines.  Yet through the combination of jutting forms and contrasting colour, there is a type of staccato rhythm, giving the painting a feeling of animation, as we shift between what we see and what we infer.

written for the Atticus Arts show, Bath, July 2006  ęDavid Stone



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Music by The Leonid Falls

Tweed Bags by Ann and DP

Synth Dust Covers made by us

Article by David Greenwood about the Strange Angels

Links to other websites

Cliffe Castle gallery views, 2001

Gallery views from the "Admitting the Strange Angels" show at Dean Clough, Apr-Jul 2006

Gallery views from "The Ingleborough Series" show at Dean Clough, Jan - Mar 2001

Views from the first showing of all 12 Strange Angels at Ripon Cathedral, Sep 2005

Images from the Bradford Cathedral show,
Oct-Nov 2006

Images from the Carlisle Cathedral Show,
March - April 2007

Images from the York Minster Show, March - April 2008

Download the ebook by Daniel Paulo entitled
"Being An Artist: Unlocking Your Creative Potential"